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Glitter Set
Glitter Set
Glitter Set
Glitter Set

hand care

Glitter Set

3 x 30ml of love


"Make me shine bright like a diamond!": you’ve said this to us many times, and we’ve listened to you! Because here at Merci Handy, just like you, we’d rather look on the sparkly side of life. And because your hands deserve the best. We’ve caught all the stars in the sky, and we’ve bottled them up with some diamond powder and a few waves of shininess.


The result: our 3 most magical gels, contained in a holographic pouch.

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This product contains

1 Unicorn Edition: A scent extracted from the purest rainbows
1 Magic Diamond: A sparkling scent with magic vanilla powder extracts
1 Glitter Fever: A scent with stardust extracts

Our magic ingredients

Aloe Vera

Emollient, to make your hands soft.


Natural cassava alcohol, used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.

All ingredients
98% natural origin


1. Squeeze out a few drops of stardust
2. Rub your hands together for 30 seconds, as if you’d just seen a shooting star


Clean ingredients
Travel size
emoji pomme
The scent of stardust

hand care

Glitter Set