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Astro Set
Astro Set
Astro Set
Astro Set
Astro Set

hand care

Astro Set

12 x 30ml of love

98% of natural origin ingredients


Natural hand cleansing gels to take with you everywhere.

For each sign, we have imagined a gel with a new exclusive perfume linked to its character and we have brought them together in this magical limited edition kit: enough to be your sign to the tip of your fingers...

What does this wonder do ?

Gently cleanses your hands leaving a delicately scented note.

Why is it amazing ?

  • Natural alcohol from cassava is used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.

Magical results :

Clean, soft and slightly perfumed hands.

Scents :

  • Aquarius, an innovative scent designed to appeal to the creative Aquarius, with notes of magical fruit and mystical waves.

  • Aries, a glittering scent inspired by the radiant personality of the Aries, with notes of pear, caramel, vanilla and magical glow.

  • Cancer, a delicate scent inspired by the loving personality of the Cancer, with notes of apple, rose, vanilla and magnetic love.

  • Capricorn, a scent sharp as a Capricorn’s mind, with notes of neroli, bergamot and intergalactic lightning.

  • Gemini, multi-faceted scent (just like the Gemini's personality), with notes of mystical citrus and moonlight.

  • Leo, a flamboyant scent (just like all Leos) with notes of white flower, pear and stardust.

  • Libra, ua balanced scent (just like the Libra’s personality) with notes of pear, coconut milk, white flower and universal harmony.

  • Pisces, a mysterious, intuitive scent (just like all Pisces) with notes of citrus, mermaid tears and enchanted lily of the valley.

  • Sagittarius, a warm, welcoming scent (just like any self-respecting Sagittarius should be) with notes of bergamot, laurel, lavender and positive waves.

  • Scorpio, a fizzy scent inspired by the Scorpio’s passionate personality, with notes of cherry, mandarin and cosmic energy.

  • Taurus,a scent with a very strong personality (just like the Taurus), with notes of grapefruit, green tea, fig and magnetic power.

  • Virgo, a subtle scent created with Virgos in mind, with notes of red fruit, peony and waves of sweetness.

A tip from the team :

Ideal for all those times you need to wash your hands.


New formula enriched with aloe vera (and unicorn tears)
New formula enriched with aloe vera (and unicorn tears)
magical limited edition set
magical limited edition set

How to use

Squeeze out a small amount of love in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands together for a few seconds as if you had read the best horoscope fortune-telling .

Our magic ingredients

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Emollient, to make your hands soft.


Natural cassava alcohol, used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.

All ingredients

Frequent questions ask

Are the beads in the bottle made of plastic?

No, they are emollient beads (they’re better, and prettier) designed by Merci Handy to soften your hands during and after use. You’re welcome!

Are the Merci Handy gels suitable for children?

Our product is made up mostly of alcohol, which can be irritating, especially to children. 

Is this product effective against viruses?

Our sprays are mostly made of alcohol, which is known for its cleaning and disinfecting properties. However, we cannot claim effectiveness against bacteria and viruses since they are cosmetics and not biocides.

Can I drink the gel? It smells so good!

Unfortunately, drinking our gel or using it any other way than to clean your hands is medically, surgically and dermatologically forbidden. Don’t let us down, babe.

Are Merci Handy products tested on animals?

Our products comply with the European regulation 1223/2009 and are therefore not tested on animals. We also refrain from selling our products in countries where animal testing is mandatory (e.g. China). We may love unicorns, but we love all the other animals just as much...


hand care

Astro Set