Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days
Photo Cure 42 jours Smile Detox Licor-Ice, Holy Mint, Berry Cool - Merci Handy
Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days
Smile Detox 42 days

Smile Detox

Smile Detox 42 days

42 x 10 ml of love

We all want a smile that shines like Hollywood without spending all our money or time at Dr. John Smith's dental clinic. We have reinvented the all-natural, ancient method of oil pulling, and created a ready-to-use kit. No artificial whitening active ingredients like those in common teeth whitening products, just coconut oil, active charcoal, pleasant flavors and lots of love. For a natural sweet teeth whitening in 14 days.

Pssst, but what is oil pulling? It's an ancient technique (used in traditional indian medicine known as Ayurveda) that involves swishing the oil (coconut oil, for example) around your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. It's quite simple and rather fun to do, you'll see!

Mix of 3 Tastes: Holy Mint, Berry Cool, Licor-ice

Key Ingredients

Coconut oil:
rich in saturated fatty acids, detoxifies your mouth
Active charcoal:
purifies your mouth and whitens your teeth
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99% natural origin


1. Place the straw under hot water (the coconut oil solidifies when cold, running it under hot water dilutes it). This technique works even if you live in the North Pole. 
2. Empty the contents of the straw into your mouth.
3. Swirl and swish the oil tenderly for 10 minutes.
In the meantime, feel free to do some yoga, watch half an episode of Friends, or do some sit-ups.
4. Rinse your mouth.
5. Brush your teeth as usual.


A brighter smile in 42 days
No artificial active whitening ingredients
travel size
travel-size straws

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Smile Detox

Smile Detox 42 days