Hello Sunshine

Hand Cream

Hello Sunshine

1.01 fl oz of love


Like you, who rides on a unicorn's back to and fro, we sometimes feel our hands are dried out by the intergalactic cold. 

To protect and hydrate your skin, we traveled the skies in search of the softest clouds, bottling them up and creating a hand cream softer than a cumulus cloud.

1.01 fl oz of magical clouds with hydrating powers and nourishment for your hands even more beautiful and softer than a unicorn's mane. Its non-sticky texture quickly penetrates the skin with intergalactic speed.


Hello Sunshine Scent:  The sweet feel of vacation and sun-kissed skin



Key Ingredients

olive oil
olive oil :
rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins: makes hands soft
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creme hello sunshine
95% natural origin


1. Dab onto your skin an equivalent of a pinch of cloud.
2. Rub your hands for 30 seconds like you just came back from cherry-picking.


Scents extracted from the purest rainbows
Smooth, Creamy Texture
Made in France

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Hand Cream

Hello Sunshine