Cherie Cherry
Cherie Cherry
Cherie Cherry
Cherie Cherry
Cherie Cherry

Hand Cream

Cherie Cherry

1.01 fl oz of love

We roamed the sky looking for the softest clouds, added a drop of magical sweet almond oil and a dash of enchanted shea butter, bottled it all up in a tube and ended up with this whipped hand cream lighter than a unicumulonimbus.


Chérie Cherry - The cherry on the cake

Key Ingredients

Hand cream
Almond oil :
rich in vitamins for nourished & hydrated skin
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hand cream cherie cherry
96% natural origin


1. Dab onto your skin an equivalent of a pinch of cloud.

2. Rub your hands for 30 seconds like you just came back from cherry-picking.


Scents extracted from the purest rainbows
Smooth, Creamy Texture
Made in France
hand cream

Hand Cream

Cherie Cherry